Spy WhatsApp Account

Hi folks! Today we'll teach you how to hack WhatsApp account of someone and spy messages and chats exchanged with contacts.
For this purpose we made a software we called "WhatsApp Hack", which is also supported as an app for Android (APK) and iOS devices. You can use it on desktop computers as well running Windows and OS X operating systems.

A system on which this program works is it exploits a loophole from official WhatsApp database where all sensitive data is stored: (accounts personal details, numbers and of course encrypted messages) And our tool draws this data out with its special undetected system that took us months to build.
We know it's a bit hard to understand all of this if you're not skilled with coding, but in short this is how our tool works.

How to Hack WhatsApp - Learn Here!
* Supported for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Now you may wonder can your victims know and detect you out you're spying on them? The answer is NO, absolutely not. We made sure to make our tool completely safe to use and it will make your connection and location to be faked from your real one. For this you gonna thank to our special auto-refreshing proxies built inside which automatically updates every time you run the app.

- Can this app get patched from WhatsApp and stop working?
We made our exploit to work in hidden mode and it automatically updates itself whenever WhatsApp updates their new version too. So its tied up in their database such as parasite and it's really hard to detect because it acts like as some WhatsApp plugin. So you don't have to worry about our program will stop working. Even for some reason it does, we are skilled enough to hack them again. Except this tool, we have many other hacking related apps spread on the internet as well.